Total World Domination

Your event logistics partner

Transport & drivers


Tour Management

Live audio engineering

Festival & stage production

We drive you around Europe in our Mercedes Sprinter tourvan. Up to 7 passengers. 5 cubic meters of secured storage is available in the back. Can be combined with our driver also acting as your TM.

From pre production to going on the road, handling finances, interviews, administration. Acting also as crewchief or doubling as crew.

Backliners, sound engineers, merch people, drivers..

We have a vast network of professionals, who will see to all your needs. most crew is able to perform multiple rolls, so this can work advantageous to your budget.

From stage management to backline, sound engineers. We can provide you with crew and services, even bring you in contact with the best sound and light companies.

We are NOT a PA company, we do not own or rent out gear. But we can help you find your best match

FOH or monitor mixing, making your band sound the way it's supposed to.